The Jungle Warriors

Looking for the end of the extinction of the species

The fight for nature

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Pollution and climate change increasingly affect the habitat of animals, being decisive for the extinction of many species. The Jungle Warriors brand was born to fight against this injustice, donating 20% ​​of its income to the cause.


We create a brand with style, current, assertive, fierce, promoting its appeal among a growing number of collaborators. On a visual level, we bet on an interpretation of nature on the warpath, enhancing the unique designs of his first t-shirts in which armed figures of three different animals were distinguished: Billy the Bear, George the Gorilla and Peter the Penguin.


We designed a symbol that brought together these two seemingly contradictory ideas: nature, through a flower, and battle, through a bullet.

On everyone's lips

To publicize the new brand and achieve its purpose, a powerful campaign was launched with Brand Ambassadors from the world of sports and influencers who shared our message on social networks.