Transform the present, accelerate the future

Integrate into the new digital reality to build tomorrow's financial services with agility and solvency.

A constant evolution

The Financial sector experiences a constant evolution motivated not only by its regulatory changes, but also by the appearance of new social and personal needs to which to respond through new projects.

At Baud, we accompany our clients to act with ingenuity, agility and solidity, proposing unique solutions that generate optimal value.

We evolve the financial sector

We help organizations lead the future of Services by anticipating the demands of society.

  • Digital transformation
  • Investigation and Diagnosis
  • Development of new Products and Services
  • Experience Design


Our formula for generating ideas

They say that Newton discovered gravity when an apple fell next to him while he was sitting in the shade of a tree. A momentous discovery for humanity, with a beautiful story.

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Authentic brands that power companies

At Baud we create authentic brands that extract and value the truth of each company. In this Ebook led by Clara López, a member of the Baud team, and developed from her talk given through Aebrand's BrandSeries initiative, we will see what authentic brands are and what they are not, how they are built with some customer examples of Baud, and his resilience to the most complicated situations.

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