From technology division to global brand


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El Corte Inglés has generated great technological advances throughout its history, not only at the product level, but also and especially at the level of know-how and service to large organizations, beyond even El Corte Inglés itself.

Growing to a turnover of 700 million euros and more than 2.000 employees, this division officially received the name of Informática El Corte Inglés, but among the corridors and conversations with different clients, the acronym IECISA was already circulating.

Currently Iecisa belongs to GFI Group, closing the linkage stage with its old parent brand: El Corte Inglés.


The division had grown exponentially in value and had an opportunity that it must seize. Create your own space, be an independent and unique global brand: Iecisa.


We created the brand that the division deserved, Iecisa, a new organization with its own entity that valued its unique strengths. A specialist brand, modern, but also close, with people at the center.

Closeness and long-term commitment

A strong but lovable identity projected the unique value of the renewed company. A rich and versatile universe, capable of reaching as far as the variety of services and sectors in which the brand had a presence.