Scotta is a men's fashion brand born in Seville in 2014, with a solid presence in the Spanish market and international expansion underway. Scotta is distinguished by its commitment to the quality and durability of its products. In a competitive sector, the brand seeks to evolve towards a more emotional and lifestyle positioning, maintaining its essence and authenticity, which has made it a benchmark in the sector.


The main challenge for Scotta has been to evolve from a product brand to a lifestyle brand, strengthening its identity and connecting emotionally with a broader and more diverse audience. In addition, the aim is to transfer the quality present in its products to the rest of the brand, raising its perception to a more premium level to become an aspirational brand. This transformation involves redefining your brand experience and expanding your relevance both nationally and internationally, without losing the genuine connection with your current and potential customers.


Baud worked with Scotta to redefine its brand strategy, positioning it as an authentic brand without sacrificing quality, style and functionality. Through a global understanding we redefine your strategy, visual and verbal identity, maintaining your ideals and principles to ensure that your essence endures over time.
Ongoing collaboration ensures consistency across all touchpoints and reinforces Scotta's authenticity.

The art of staying authentic.

Scotta's visual identity reflects its commitment to quality, creativity and authenticity. She focuses on conveying an aspirational and emotional image, with character and consistency across all touchpoints. Every visual element of Scotta, from its designs to its communications, is carefully crafted to connect with the reality and values ​​of the brand. By choosing Scotta, you choose a way of understanding fashion and its processes, standing out for its transparency and honesty, and offering versatile and durable garments that inspire freedom and timeless style.

Because the only thing that truly frees you is what is not imposed on you.

“This renewal represents a new step for the brand and is supported by the “company business model and strategy”

Carlos Serra, CEO & Founder – Scotta.