A stimulator. A spark. A combustible substance.

EROTICFUEL Online erotic store

Who wants metaphors? It is much better to experience things in person, and this only depends on you. Eroticfuel is an erotica shop with the most exciting products, only the best brands and the highest quality.


Naming and Verbal

The rational

From day to day we are losing erotism. Just with yourself or with your partner. We need a reactivation. A stimulator. A spark. A combustible substance for your eroticism. For you sensuality... For your sex life.


The search and evocation of pleasure to enhance and enrich the sexual desire.


A substance that releases energy in a fusion reactor.


The Challenge


The logo

The Eroticfuel logo comes from the union of a heart to represent the passion; the form of the products, and an "s" representing sensuality. The typography does not have any uppercase characters and is light gray, providing a more accessible and lighter image.


The icon

The heart seems to embrace the form of the product, as if the feeling is embracing eroticism, moving away from the image of a sex shop.

of the identity

Icons & Quality Products

A normal online store

“An erotic store that doesn’t look like a sexshop” is what our client said. Therefore, we decided not to use any sexually loaded images in order to take away the context of sex and give the user an actual chance to really look at the aesthetics of the product and its functionality instead of being in a sexual state of mind.

As a substitution for the images, we chose to use icons that are simple, clear, and support our goal to normalize the appearance of the store.


Colors & Typography

Unisex: a store for him and her

As a primary color we decided to use an obvious passionate red that radiates erotics. For the accent color we used a young and bright green to give a contemporary feel and make the website more attractive and accessible for men.

As our main typeface we choose Roboto, a friendly, clean, and neutral typeface. We specifically chose a typeface with these qualities because we want the user to feel normal and relaxed while he is making his decisions in a somewhat spicy environment.


Tuppersex: informal sexual education

What is tuppersex?

Tuppersex is often a private informal gathering/party between friends in which a professional host demonstrates and explains the use of sexual toys to improve one’s intimate life in a funny and educational way.

The history of pinup girls

To represent this section of Eroticfuel we chose to use images of pinup girls. Imagery and artwork of Pinup girls originate from the beginning of the 20th century and displayed women in a sexy and seductive manner. While these pinup girls became extremely popular in the time of war, it was also the time when sexual education for women became less taboo. Therefor, we use pinup girls to convey a feeling of informality, seduction, sex and education.



Major challenges

Before we start designing a website, we always look at the competition. We do this to examine the strong and the weak points in order to find the elements and rules that make a website work or not work in a specific sector. In the online erotic business however, it was very hard to find a properly designed website that did not appear as a vulgar sex shop.

So without any chance on finding a rich source of design look and feels for a somewhat decent looking online erotic store, it was more than necessary to really listen to the vision of the client and deeply examine the values of the brand in order to translate these aspects into a well designed end-product that reflects the philosophy of the name and its concept.


User Experience

Minimal and Easy

With a mission to become a large international name in the online erotic business we choose for a minimal, but big approach. We gave the product a lot of white space to focus on its individual design and function, which gives the object in question a feeling of quality and importance.

Adapting to mobile devices

Enhancing the User Experience

Eroticfuel.com adapts to all screen resolutions on any device. Furthermore, we use animations and transitions to enhance the user experience and to structure the content in such a way that not just the products express their quality but also the website itself.


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