Creating a new way of looking at the croissant

The amazing croissanterie

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Crosantino turns the traditional concept of artisan pastry around to turn it into a more current experience, surrounded by services that the competition lacks due to its more static business model, but supported by the traditional product of always that continues to attract, enjoy and convincing.

Moments that fancy

Having a good product and having the necessary knowledge to introduce it to the market with guarantees of success, at Crosantino they seek to be unique, different and fresh.

Baud has been the strategic partner for the integral development of its brand and all its points of contact.

Brand expansion


Given the exponential notoriety acquired for the quality of its products and the need to expand the brand, a new strategic approach was defined and it was decided to give its image a complete turnaround, rooted as a quality product but not as a brand with which be able to interact in your retail environment or through business services.

Taste. Compartir. Enjoy


From the very idea of ​​a brand that is very active in social media to the product itself, which is designed to be consumed in a group, the brand is social, active and spontaneous, always inviting to share moments and experiences.

Taking care of the details

We want Crosantino to live in a different way in all areas. When you buy it, when you consume it, when you post it. We want to break with the old-fashioned clichés of the neighborhood pastry shop or the franchise that only gives off oven and crafts.

To go

We want that when someone carries a box of Crosantino or a coffee, they carry it with that modern and differentiating point that makes them feel proud.

Surprising and desirable


We have created a private brand philosophy for Crosantino to surprise the public with a completely different proposal than what a brand of pastry and pastry products is supposed to propose.

Key visuals

A surprising brand in communication at all points of contact, in their day-to-day life and in the way they relate to the customer.

In-store visuals

Each point of contact, whether strategic or tactical, should be equally striking with the brand's verbal tone.

New concept of space

An innovative space in the sector, which broadens the traditional target of artisan patisseries, making Crosantino an open and young place in which to share unique moments.

From concept to work

A turnkey project in which we work from the concept of experience of the new premises to the implementation and finishes of the same.

Materials and sensations

Each material has been carefully selected in order to transmit the new strategic vectors.

Carrara marble and Maple wood are two of the main materials used.

Every detail counts


Being aware that our brand must be able to scale in a franchise model but at the same time it must be a place that generates a unique experience, an experience has been meticulously designed through exclusive furniture designed and manufactured for Crosantino, but that are easily configurable. to grow within different spaces.

Some Figures

* UPDATED 25/01/2018

After a start of resounding success, Crosantino merges with the leader Pastelerías Manolo (creators of the famous Manolitos) in a new project that we will unveil in the coming months.