Connect with the passions that sport raises

Know how to understand what today's society is like and what its demands are in order to positively influence it, generating a community that works together for a common goal.

A sector in transformation

In recent years we have been able to see numerous changes that are taking place within the world of sports to approach current trends and the change that is taking place in the different audiences.

At Baud, we take on the challenge of working together to achieve the future objectives of the sector, combining sport, society and business, through the brand.

We enhance the value of a sector

We delve into the meanings of the sports sector to reinforce its commitment to contribute to the improvement of society and generate a positive impact on it.

  • Brand Architecture
  • Co-Branding Strategy and Systems
  • Brands that Connect with their Communities
  • Innovation in new Sports Services
  • Customer Experience On & Off
  • New Digital and Audiovisual Environments
  • Making Differential Competitive Advantages Visible
  • Brand Activation in Different Media
  • Expansion and New Territories
  • Marketing and Merchandising Strategy
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New times for culture

At last, you have the opportunity to see it with your own eyes. Under the unmistakable feeling of the first times you enter that great temple while the history of humanity becomes tangible through your gaze. And then you see it. Each stroke comes to life before you and you discover that internalizing all that beauty is the true experience.

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Social in the new era

According to the Observatory of Corporate Social Responsibility, this is defined as "a way of running companies based on managing the impacts that their activity generates on their clients, employees, shareholders, local communities, the environment and on society in general" .

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