Creating a brand that accompanies families in all their adventures


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Families are changing and, with them, so are brands. Today, consumers, expert, demanding and responsible as never before, demand more from the brands with which they are related.

In this context, Chelino takes a step forward to redefine itself as the trusted Baby Care brand for today's families. A more complete range of products, a diversified offer and a brand capable of enhancing your reality are the essential pillars to become the great ally of the whole family.


Laboratories indas, a leading personal care company, has strengthened its commitment to each family in the adventure of parenthood through its commitment to the evolution of the Chelino brand, traditionally very focused on infant diapers.


Strategic development, supported by previous analysis, has given the brand a more inclusive and plural dimension through an approach that addresses family well-being through expert baby care. A proposal that transcends the product to become a comprehensive care experience.

A shared adventure

Chelino is presented today as a brand that is at the side of each family and each baby to simplify their little challenges of each day through a complete range of products, always effective, of high quality and careful design.

The great idea around which the brand has been repositioned is to create a more direct emotional bond with families to always be their adventure companions. Companions who become closer through the mascots that bring the brand to life. A friendly and close invitation that places Chelino as the expert, professional and trustworthy brand that accompanies the whole family in the adventure of parenthood.

A comprehensive commitment to families and also to the planet


Finally and, as part of the brand's commitment to today's families, Chelino has created Chelino Nature, the sustainable proposal that responds to those who want to effectively take care of their babies, also taking care of the environment. The visual personality has declined to this sub-brand through graphic resources that reinforce the naturalness of the product.