Baud renews Domingos Esteves as director

Sundays Esteves has recently been renewed in his position as director of the brand consultancy that he directs Carlos Corral. The former general director of C&A for Spain and Portugal will continue to be linked to the consultancy, in which he has served as a director since 2021.

In a context of disruption in Retail, with rapid changes in technology and business models, having the advice of expert voices is differentiating.

«At Baud we believe in the value of experience and knowledge, and in the wealth that the figure of the director contributes. Inspiring people who, like Domingos, help us respond to the new challenges of brands from a global and expert perspective” has declared Carlos Corral, co-founder and CEO of Baud.

With a solid trajectory of more than 28 years and extensive experience in national and international retail, he will continue to contribute his experience in the sector to the Baud council for the next few years.

“It is a great pride and honor for me to renew my continuity at Baud. I have been able to find a team with great enthusiasm and enormous talent, with the ability to understand Retail and with a clear concern to know how to promote brands, with consumers as protagonists; At the same time, they know how to harmoniously combine technology and the human factor to transform stories and emotions, in an integrated, consistent and innovative way” has commented Sundays Esteves, Baud's adviser.

Retail transformation

The Retail sector needs to face up to immediate challenges to remain competitive. The future of the sector involves technological innovation, as a fundamental part of the shopping experience, and forces brands to redefine their Retail strategy.

"At Baud we help the brands to reconnect with consumers and retailers and to redefine future commercial spaces. A combination of the physical and digital to offer differentiated and complementary shopping experiences between the online environment, personal interaction and the role of the physical store” Corral explains.

In this sense, the success story of Clarel is an example of how revalue a retail brand and contribute to Grupo Dia's profitability strategy through integrated management of the brand in all its commercial dimensions. "Our focus has been competitiveness and preparing the Clarel brand to consolidate and continue its path of growth."

Sundays Esteves | Advisory Board Member and Retail Advisor at Baud. Member of the Committee of Experts of the AER (Spanish Retail Association). Professor EAE Business School MBA Retail Master. Former General Director and CEO of C&A Modas Spain and Portugal, with more than 28 years of international experience in the fashion distribution industry, Customer-oriented, specialized in team management, sales and operations, business transformation and restructuring.