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Antartik is the brand of notebooks and juvenile filing cabinets of Liderpapel, a leading manufacturer in Spain and with a presence in other European countries such as France and Portugal. Antartik was born with its own attitude and a vocation: to be a brand that young people identified with and made their own. Thus, notebooks and new products would become another piece of personality and differentiation, within the look of the young man.


To find the true and relevant meaning, and enrich it with all the nuances, we draw on our expertise in fashion and carry out ad hoc research. The key was to promote an attractive way of life for diverse young people.


We connect with diversity through a transversal axis: youth as a vital state. Like energy, freshness, freedom, contagious laughter, absence of obligations and rigidity. The tribe that anyone would want to belong to.

A space in which to add. A brand that not only accepts, but also enhances uniqueness and makes you feel good. No stereotypes. Unprejudiced. With freedom.

We developed our own rich identity that gave life to this evolved brand. An open tone, which plays with words, does not lose detail, says yes to everything and gives the young man the limelight. And a visual identity that, by increasing the weight of the symbol and using it as an identifying and cohesive element, encompasses at the same time the infinite ways of seeing things.

We also work hand in hand with the client for the selection of the new portfolio, more lifestyle, which is inaugurated for the new course 2020