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4Hands was born from the passion of a team specialized in physiotherapy and osteopathy. A clinic prepared to improve the quality of life for everyone, including the smallest ones, where treatment for the recovery of sports injuries is one of its main virtues. A brand that represents a way of doing things, that of expert hands that treat each of their patients with care and professionalism.


A brand to grow.
The clinic, created by a renowned professional, needed to develop a brand that would allow it to grow in teams and locations.


Specialization in two emerging disciplines as the axis of brand creation. And proximity as an engine of activity to generate trust with each of its clients.

Let our hands tell you everything we can do for you


We created a different name, which moves away from the codes of the category and represents that double specialty in physiotherapy and osteopathy. The name is supported by a descriptor that underlines and makes explicit these two areas that are currently in high demand, placing them at the same level of relevance.

We develop a modern and simple visual identity, with rounded and clean lines. With a surprising and personal color range that takes us away from the sanitary codes of conventional, colder clinics.

An identity that is transferred to interior design to create an experience of well-being and comfort for patients. A design that balances, through the use of decontextualized materials, in open and living spaces, the disruptive and respect for the visual codes and imperative sanitary regulations.